Mobile Review

 Unblock Me

Unblock me is a game free to download on iTunes and the Android market. I first was introduced to it one night while I was searching the Android market for a good time waster app. When I found Unblock Me it was love at first sight.

Basically, the objective is to move the red block through the passageway. You accomplish this by moving the other blocks around until a clear path is formed. Since there is no story line I suggest making up your own to make things a bit more interesting. For instance I named my red block “Harold” and in my story line Harold is about to shit his pants and needs to get to the bathroom but all these other fucking blocks are in the way! It really creates a sense of urgency and leaves me asking questions like:

– What did Harold eat?
– Does he have I.B.S.?
– Will there be toilet paper when he gets there?

See what I mean? Anyway,the puzzles in Unblock Me are quite challenging. Sometimes  I find myself staring at the screen and trying to will and exit to appear with my eye balls, and when that doesn’t work I just close the app and go on a 2 hour Facebook “like” spree.  

BOTTOM LINE: Its a really straight forward game. One main objective, BUT Its FREE so why not download it? 

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