Sony CD Walkman

Do you remember these things? You know you do. Sweet Compact Disc magic makers. Sure there were other portable CD players, but if you had a Sony Walkman in School you were the SHIT!

I can remember the first time  I came into possession of a Sony CD player. It was 2002 and one of my most favorite hobbies would be walking up and down the halls of my middle school, usually with a buddy, randomly turning handles on lockers to see if they would open and rummaging through them for goodies. I am not saying this an admirable act, just that it was fun and you should try it. Anyway, on that particular day I was doing this such thing, but what I didn’t know at the time was that fate was about to hand me the fortune of fortunes.

See, some time before I began my routine of juvenile idiocy, some poor fool left their locker unlocked and carelessly left this treasure unprotected. As I swung open that metal door my eyes stared at the Sony Walkman in disbelief and awe. I thanked all of my ancestors who’s decision to procreate had landed me at this exact moment in time. My trembling hands reached out for the Sony Walkman, and it was mine!

OK, maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as all that. But it was like having a little piece of heaven all to yourself. With this not only could I listen to BURNED CD’s, I could also flip through radio stations! Not only did it have a repeat button, but it had a SHUFFLE button too! To  a 12 year old girl the ability to listen to NSYNC and Backstreet Boys on repeat and shuffle was like being a pedophile who chaperoned for Cub Scouts.


I could drop this thing all day and no skipping of any nature. How was that possible? Did Zeus himself come down and bless this Compact Disc Player with a lightning bolt shot right out of his rectum?

Sure other companies tried to compete with Sony but I wasn’t having it. You could shove your off brand CD players right up your ass. This thing was my co-pilot and traveled with me wherever I went! I remember feeling guilt at times for how I obtained it. Always thinking about that poor soul who would never have this beautiful piece of technology again. Their parents probably went out and bought him/her a cheap Memorex CD Player that didn’t even HAVE a repeat button. This would make me very sad. But then I would remember the timeless law of “finders keepers” and immediately my guilt would fade away.

Eventually we all moved over to iPod’s and other MP3 players, but my affection for the Sony Walkman has never disappeared. If you ever read this Sony Walkman, our love was timeless and will live on forever. I’m sorry I threw you out when I was cleaning out my old storage bins. Come back to me!

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