Seeking Justice

Wow. If you want to look at the trailer it can be found here

On with the review.

It’s no secret that Nicolas Cage has been pumping out shitty movies like Wonka Bars, but when I saw the Guy Pearce was going to be in this one it peaked my interest. I was wrong. It seems that no matter who Cage’s co-star is the movie is almost always terrible.This one is no exception to the rule.

The trailer opens with Cage giving his mid 20’s wife/finance/who gives a fuck an anniversary present, probably some cheap locket from Craigslist. How sweet. But soon after that she is mugged and sent to the hospital. AWWWWW. Cage runs to see her at the hospital were he discovers she has been badly injured after the altercation. Later in the waiting room he is approached by Pearce who tells him that he is part of an underground ‘justice league’ and will help Cage get back at the person responsible for doing this to his wife/finance/who gives a fuck.

Wait. What? This is the premise for the movie? Cage hires hit men to take care of some ass wipe that tried to mug his girlfriend, in the hospital waiting room? …

Of course Cage doesn’t think this is a bad idea because he is a fucking moron and you see the mugger get shot by Pearce and his men. Cage goes back to living life as a normal, flannel t shirt wearing, past his prime man. With his prosti-tot wife/girlfriend/who gives a fuck at his side. All is well, until he receives a phone call from Pearce saying that now he owes them a favor. Scenes of hilarity ensue as we see clips of Cage speeding on high ways, flipping cars, explosions, and even a fist fight with Pearce himself.

Now what am I really suppose to say about this? If you have not watched the trailer yet do it and tell me if I am wrong, because I just don’t see how this will ever make a good film. We all know the price of going to the movies, are you really going to pay 20 bucks to go see Nicolas Cage flip cars on the free way and scream?  The best part about Cages performance in this movie will probably be his goatee, that thing really has it’s shit together.

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