Master Chief Helmet (Legendary Edition Halo 3)

The first time I saw this I could not believe my eyes. Was I going to be able to go out into any retail location that carried electronic hardware and purchase a Spartan artifact?

Answer: Yes!

I think we all were a little too excited for this, we all had visions of running blissfully through our apartments (OK, our PARENTS basements) with this helmet on our heads. Then I thought, maybe it will work with the xbox directly and I will be able to use it as a headset. How amazing would that have been? But sadly, none of those ideas would ever come to fruition.

The helmet does nothing. There are no lights, no headset functionality, nothing. But what makes this thing a giant piece of shit is the fact that it can not even be worn. I know I am a 23 year old woman, and I shouldn’t want to wear a spartan helmet… BUT I DO BUNGIE! What a waste of a collectors edition. They basically sold us a 150.00 dust collector. But in retrospect, what should we really have expected? Since I began to purchase collectors editions they seem to become more and more disappointing.

In Example:

Are you fucking kidding me? This is what the extra money is for? A pack or cards, some stupid code, a cheap coin, and a special case for my fable 3 disc?

I can’t be the only person to think this is a total piece of trash. A 15 page book about why Marcus is taller than all the stop signs and doorways in this game and some shitty little metal tin? Who owns this and thinks to themselves “what a really great purchase.”? Assholes, that’s who.

I get what the attraction was to this particular item. BUT, the goggles are total shit. I will give them props for using actual infrared technology, but they are made out of plastic and the motion blur is enough to give you permanent vertigo.  150.00 – the game price, these goggles are exactly what you pay for them. Garbage. Good gimmick tho, and I am sure tons of people have them displayed in their homes, but I advise against walking around your neighborhood with them on, especially with all these bills being passed by congress as of late.

As gamers we should ask a little more of the developers who are trying to get us to fork over extra bucks for these “collectors items”. because most of them are just cheap pieces of shit. I  think they should do away with action figures and patches all together. Give me  a dvd with some making of  documentary or an art book/comic. Maybe I am just being too hard on the Halo 3 helmet. I mean, even with all of it’s flaws it makes a good door stop and the stand works good as a small trash can. 🙂

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