Games That Should Be MMO’s

Every year I hope against hope that game developers world-wide will make a fresh new MMO out of an already existing game that totally deserves one. But year in and year out, I am always stuck with World Of Warcraft or some other mediocre MMO that is just terrible. Dont get me wrong, I love first person shooters and a good linear story as much as the next person. But sometimes a good MMO experience is in order. Here are some titles I wish game developers would make into fucking MMO’s already.


Can you honestly think of a better setting for a classic MMO? I can see it already, shit talking in front of my Dell to some scrub Pokemon Trainer and his Ponita piece of shit Pokemon, challenging him to a duel. I mean this game has everything an MMO would need. I know Pokemon is intended for the ‘younger crowd’ but let’s be honest, we all play the shit out of them on the DS and we have for years. This would be an amazing MMO.


Mass Effect is probably my favorite game on the 360 to date. As an RPG it is outstanding, but would it make a good MMO? FUCK YES IT WOULD! Picture it, choosing your own version of the Normandy and venturing out into space. This title is literally just begging to be made into an MMO.


Just hear me out on this one. We all remember Resident Evil Outbreak, Capcoms first attempt at making Resident Evil into an online co-op experience and it was crap at best. But Resident Evil 5 really got me thinking. I had such a great time playing online co-op that I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if they made a zombie apocalypse MMO? Answer: YES! Maybe Capcom wouldn’t be able to pull it off right, and maybe it wouldn’t include any of the characters from the RES series but a zombie apocalypse MMO needs to be made. The quests could be something like: rescuing survivors, getting additional weapons, and there needs to be no hope of being rescued. Your main goal should be survival and eliminating all zombies from the area.


5 thoughts on “Games That Should Be MMO’s

  1. Pokèmon kind of has an MMO, but it’s only for the trading card game. Pretty lame.

    I don’t see how EA hasn’t come up with a Harry Potter MMO yet. I mean, you could choose to go to school, pick your classes as your ‘character build’, learn different kinds of spells, etc.

    And if you haven’t already, you should check out City of Heroes, especially since it just went free-to-play.

  2. Raccoon City looks to be very promising. We need something like this in the series to get its flavor back. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed 4 and 5, but I felt robbed because of the game play style change up and not enough horror. Lets be honest, RE nowa days isn’t as creepy as its dad back in the day where you were not wanting to go ANYWHERE near those front mansion doors because you knew something wanted to fuck your day up. It was dogs by the way.

    But the new RE soon to be released, as I said before, looks very promising. Why? MULTI-PLAYER.

    Need I say more?

    NO. Because whats better than killing a mass amount of zombies with a mass amount of guns? Doing it with your friends. They tried it in Survivor and Survivor 2. I played both of those games religiously for a while, because it was the only good online zombie game at the time and I loved being able to make my own weapons. I’m sure by now you think I’m going to start praising Dead Island, but I won’t.

    Anyways, RE needs to straighten their act up and get it right. Survival HORROR. Not action thrillers. No one cares how big Chris’s muscles can get, or how Hawthorne Heights Leon’s hair can sweep.

      • Linear stories are not a bad thing at all. Especially since RE has done just that. But when they decide to take a completely new approach to changing it up, I think they should have reconsidered. Remember back when RE 4 was coming out? And they had the beta? Looked amazing! But then the actual game came out, and it wasn’t anything like the beta they showed. Many fans were disappointed but still played. We will always be loyal, but you can only make so many big changes until its no longer what we are used to. Raccoon City has big hopes, and RE 6 is for another time.

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