Whitney Houston is Totally Dead

Well, if you don’t know by now Whitney Houston died yesterday.

So that means it is time for everyone to suddenly have an opinion about her ability as a performer and her even greater passion, CRACK. I am not a big fan of death so I don’t approve of anyone doing it. I think we should all avoid death at all costs. I am in a competition with everyone on this planet to see who will live the longest. I have to say, so far I have been pretty good at it. I mean, I already beat Caylee Anthony and I had 15+ years on her! WINNING!

One thought on “Whitney Houston is Totally Dead

  1. O.K. Whitney died, Or as I prefer to call it she’s taking a dirt nap. After hanging out by hotel pools popping xanax, slamming screw drivers she could probably use the rest. The last time I tried something like that I knocked a tooth out but i keep hoping it will grow back.
    I think she knew that something would eventually happen to her that’s why she was sun tanning by the pool, I personally think she already had a great tan.
    I was shocked to hear they found her in the bath tub, her body guards complained about her doing cart wheels by the pool then why the hell would they allow her to do cart wheels into the bath tub. That’s all i got.

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