I love Alan Wake.

If you did not play Alan Wake its probably because you:

A- Did not own an XBOX 360 (Because you are a douche)


B- You’re a douche.

Either way. You need to rectify this and go out an play Alan Wake right now. I cant really go into the plot of the first game, so read about it HERE. Anyway, when saw they were going to be making another one I was really excited. The first Alan Wake has such a wide open ending that I could not wait for the sequel. Then I realized that this was just going to be a download on the xbox live marketplace and I was not as enthusiastic but still hopeful because all of the other down loadable content was great and expanded on the original story.

BUT THEN they said it would be a PREQUEL. Now I fucking hate it. I hate prequels. The only thing I hate more than prequels are when they do sequels to games and movies and the original characters are not even in them, or they have used different actors to portray the same characters from the original. IN EXAMPLE:


If you cant afford or dont even care about using the same actors just say FUCK IT to the sequel/prequel/who gives a fuck in the first place.

But with Alan Wake that is not the case. In this prequel you play as a younger Alan, who is writing a new horror story. The trailer doesn’t really tell us all that much. Just that he is still fighting off shadowy foe’s with light and the end boss is going to be someone named ‘Mr. Scratch’. I wish the developers would have a “light bulb moment” (LOOK A PUN!) and realize that fans of Alan Wake really want a sequel, not this add on bullshit.

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