New J.K. Rowling Book announced!

J.K. Rolwing (Author of Harry Potter series) has announced that she will be writing again, but this time not for kids.

What does this mean? It means that she will be writing again and we wont have to try to read fucked up words like CONTRIGGERYBUM and MONDUNGUS. Or maybe we will, who the hell knows? Not too much has been said about what the new book will be about, just that it will have NOTHING to do with Harry Potter. Poor decision on her part. If I was J.K. the only tihng I would ever write about would be that little spell casting idiot. Seriously, I bet she could write a paragraph more to the seventh book and the book would resell for millions all over again.

Hopefully the new book will not be about vampires, Christ knows we have all had enough of that.

7 thoughts on “New J.K. Rowling Book announced!

  1. Codswallup! As long as it’s set in jolly old England, I’m good. I hear Emma Thompson’s voice in my head as I read HP, and I’m a sucker for a good British accent wandering around in my head.

    Btw…the trailer may suck, but your blog doesn’t. Love it!

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