Nascar 500 Review

If you live in central Florida there are just certain things you have to deal with. Teen pregnancy, Bike Week, and Nascar fans. I myself am I fan of Nascar and I don’t really mind race week in Daytona. I usually go to one or two races myself, never the 500. Im talking about the qualifying races and the Bud Shootout. But this year I really wanted to go to the 500. I scored excellent tickets to the Nextera Energy 250 and maybe it was the beer talking, but I wanted to go to the 500.

An angel must have been on my shoulder, because I wound up not being able to get tickets and it’s no mystery what happened at the 500 this year.

For the first time in Dayona history the 500 was canceled due to inclement weather. So I stayed safe in my dry home and watched countless jackasses sitting in the grandstands in their $30.00 Nascar ponchos (Nascar made a killing that day) just watching parked race cars.

Imagine my joy! There is nothing better than being bummed out and feeling really shitty about yourself, and then seeing the suffering of others. Makes me just remember how awesome it is to be me.

Anyway, then the race was set to happen Monday night, and everything went right on schedule, until about 10:00PM when a car crashed into a truck carrying about 200 gallons of JET ENGINE FUEL. That is when I said FUCK IT and decided this thing was just not worth watching. I am still a Nascar fan, but that 500 was the worst thing I have ever seen.

2 thoughts on “Nascar 500 Review

  1. It’s been a while since your last post. I hope that means the next one is gonna be a huge, hilarious piece of a review and I sincerely hope as well that it doesn’t mean you are not making any more reviews.
    Greetings from Uruguay.

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