I am Alive.

Foolish internet, did you think you could actually defeat me? Oh you did? Wow, you’re an asshole.

Let me give you a little explanation for my recent absence. It all started a few weeks ago…

I sent an article reviewing Whitney Houston’s funeral to a couple sites, in hops of getting a guest author spot. All where turned down and I received some nasty emails about it. The best one was from EZINEARTICLES.COM. They told me they would not publish anything negative about a celebrity or gossip about a celebrity. Let me say, I find that a tad bit strange. Especially since news sites like EZINEARTICLE.Com and plenty of others reported on every negative aspect of Whitney’s life and countless other celebrities. Hypocrite much? (F U EZINE!!!!)

Not to mention I wouldn’t have had a thing to say about the funeral if it was not NATIONALLY TELEVISED. Anyway, I thought it was strange but thought nothing of it. Then a few days later WordPress.Com alerted me via email that I would no longer be able to post any new content because my site THISTRAILERSUCKS.COM was going to be under investigation for “CRUEL AND NEGATIVE POSTS ABOUT CELEBRITIES/ GOSSIP”. Excuse me, I thought I lived in AMERICA.

After a few emails back and forth I finally was removed from investigation and was told that I would not have to make my site 18+. Music my ears. So now I am back and more cynical than ever. I don’t claim to me a website guru (yes I do) or claim to have one of the best trailer review sites on the internet (yes I do) but I know that me being absent for a few weeks has left you guys hanging.

Don’t worry, I will be back to regularly posting new content and I plan to have a trailer review for some oldies and new movies this week. Thanks for hanging with me and remember, if you have any ideas on a good review send em’ to me! Unlike other bloggers, I will actually try to respond to your emails because I am a unique little snow flake.

Shannon: 1 Internet:0


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