This movie has won award after award, BUT they are all from “Film Festivals” so they mean next to nothing, from a viewers perspective anyway. I mean, look at how many awards The Tree Of Life won and what.a.piece.of.shit.

On with the review!

SHAME is a movie about Brandon. A man living in NY who has a pretty out of control sexual addiction. His co-workers and friends have no idea that night after night this guy is banging random women and prostitutes until sunrise. Im sure for most men this sounds like an amazing life. But you can see by watching the trailer that while Brandon is addicted to sex, it leaves him confused afterwards and eventually get’s him into some serious trouble.

The big plot of this movie is that Brandon is really unhappy but can not quit his addiction to porn and promiscuous sex but when his sister comes for a visit and asks to stay at his place, he has to try to keep up the pretense that he is a normal single guy living in NY.

OK, now that we know what this movie trailer is about lets rip it. This guy looks like a serial killer. Honestly, he has slicked back hair and is a tad too pale so it would be believable if at one point in the movie he just starts stabbing bitches! Especially that sister of his. She is dressing up like a 1920’s jazz room singer. Maybe their entire family is fucked up and that’s why Brandon has an addiction in the first place. Maybe their father dressed up like a space cadet and the mother thought she was wolf man. Who the fuck knows, no who the fuck CARES?

At the end of the trailer Brandon decides to go slumming and try to pick up some neo nazi’s girlfriend. BIG MISTAKE. The guy beats the ever-loving shit out of Brandon and on top of that the neo nazi has a shaved head. So it almost looks like Brandon is getting beaten up by a penis. Maybe the director wanted us to pick up on that. The penis shaped head of this man is a metaphor for Brandon’s own disease ridden genitalia finally fighting back against Brandon and his desire to plunge his member into toxic waste (Snookie).




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