Commercial Review – Orajel

The thing about this commercial is it is made by a HUGE corporation. I mean, when you think toothache your first thought is “how can I get rid of this pain?”. Anyone who has had the horrible experience of a toothache will tell you that Orajel is a great way to subdue the aching pain from under your gums. I agree with the product, but this commercial is horrendous.

Lets first take a look at how it starts.

A middle aged black woman is sitting in…. where is she exactly? Her home? Dentist office? An underground Orajel research facility? The location is not made clear, but we are told her name is Jackie and she lives in Chicago. That leads me to believe that maybe they were trying a marketing campaign that involved interviewing people that have used Orajel. That works for me, sure I will buy into that.

What follows is a 20 second rant from Jackie literally screaming into the camera about her toothache. She openly admits that she has tried everything, pain pills etc. but to no avail. The only thing that seems to shut that mouth of hers is Orajel, it “immediately takes away her pain”. I wish they would have gone into a more in depth telling of Jackie’s entire toothache experience. What drugs she tried, how she got the money to make such purchases. Does this crazy bitch work for Orajel? I really care about this character. Probably because she is screaming at me.

I don’t hate this commercial I love it. The editing is horrible, and I assume it was intentional. The way the scenes of her screaming are all obviously taken from multiple clips just smashed together only heightens the comedic value. At the end when she screams ‘Orajel takes my toothache and says YOU’RE DONE!” I laugh every time.

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